• Original Portable DLP Mobile Projector For Small Meeting

Original Portable DLP Mobile Projector For Small Meeting

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Features Specifications:Original Portable DLP Mobile Projector For Small Meeting

Intel (Intel) Information Technology Summit Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen grand opening. Domestic smart projection manufacturerCutting-edge micro-investment technology launched in April 6 screenless computer at the conference appearance for the experts and technical leaders from around the world to demonstrate the micro-investment technology in the field of micro-investment in innovative technology solutions. The advent of micro-cast screenless computers, mobile business people will provide a portable and efficient office tools to help all kinds of small meetings and presentations, anytime, anywhere depicts the business blueprint, vividly demonstrate business intelligence, to speed up the burden on mobile commerce, with companion Micro-enterprise rapid growth. DLP projector10.jpg Micro-investment industry in recent years is very lively, mainly from many investors on the smart projection of the future Imagination: as television, PC, mobile phone outside the fourth screen, it is possible to create a new hardware platform to create an imaginative Ecosystem. Therefore, the project started in 2013, was sought after in 2014 and was very lively in 2015. After a decade or so of development, the products of the home theater market and the company which are most popular with young people are the most popular in these two or three years The main direction is portable mobile personal television and ordinary people's home theater in both directions, located in the home entertainment. The author believes that the most important market is still in the commercial market, rather than in recent years, the emerging emerging projection business personal entertainment market, micro-investment technology is with most of the current manufacturers different market positioning and philosophy, focusing on commercial market products Of the painstaking research, and finally launched in the early move targeted at the mobile business group screenless computers, creative combination of computers, projection, audio organically together to solve the bulky, incompatible, connection problems and other issues of the traditional business projection, Fill the gap in the global market. This will open up the era of application of the micro-investment industry in the commercial field. It is also a new trend for newcomers to the micro-investment industry. DLP projector15.jpg Micro-vote screenless computer, the internal and external design of the source from the "book", the computer, projection, audio, as well as R & D team's wisdom and effort are loaded into the "book", waiting for you explore. Micro-vote screenless computers, integration of Intel, Mircosoft, NLP, NXP, Brodcom, AAC, TOSHIBA, OSRAM, OMRON and other top global wisdom, only for the mobile business elite to reduce the burden and improve communication efficiency. Hui vote without screen computer, the computer system uses intel quad-core processor, clocked at 1.33G, 2G of memory, 64G of built-in storage space, is complete

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