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China Church Tour Audio Guide System Suppliers

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As a leader in the industry, we have been committed to the wireless navigation system, zoning system, wireless conference simultaneous interpretation system development and production, from product to service a complete solution to help museums, science and technology museum, planning hall, tourist attractions Enterprises, factories, government, schools, etc., to achieve tourism to explain, guide and display the wireless, digital, intelligent, the company has always been the responsibility of customers as their responsibility to provide more cost-effective products, better service, more concise The operation, we will continue to innovate, and constantly sophisticated. The interpretation of the tourist area is actually an educational activity, the purpose is through the visitor's personal experience, with a variety of expression media, in the use of local resources in the process of reflecting the meaning of the local scene and the relationship between them. Each national park staff is obliged to ensure that the interpretation of the tourist area function and high quality services.guide3.png Now the new wireless tour guide has chosen the radio frequency transmission technology, can better transmit the sound. So that different staff in the reception of different visits to the delegation, are able to according to the corresponding location, to make the most appropriate explanation. As the current wireless tour guide has a good sound quality and sound volume, for this, do not worry about the reception staff to listen to not clear enough. Many people in the wireless tour guide before the lease is not going to understand the knowledge about it, and now we come to take you to understand about the wireless tour guide some of the knowledge. Wireless tour guide explain the scope of application: 1, the tour guide to explain. 2, VIP reception presentation. 3, a variety of occasions training teaching. 4, for different attractions of the tourist tour. 5, different works of the venue command and so on.blue blue introduction.jpg Wireless tour guide to explain the appearance of the shape: a new generation of wireless tour guide to explain the appearance of the shape is very simple and stylish, with a smaller size, light weight and other advantages. More convenient to carry people, equipped with the best headset accessories, ear wearing comfortable position, the sound quality is more clear. Wireless tour guide to explain the operating performance: 1, for the wireless tour guide operation of the operation, the system is very smooth, more convenient to operate. The use of different occasions, and can be a long time to work, with durable and long-term use of the advantages. 2, for the transmitter battery, in normal circumstances can continue to work more than 10 hours of time. 3, each wireless tour guide receiver and the associated wireless transmitter, will provide 100 different frequency bands for everyone to FM. 4, the receiver wit

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