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First, the current wireless device we can find its size and weight are very compact and lightweight, in many mobile sites are free to use, the shape is more sophisticated, so that everyone in the hand when more comfortable. Simultaneous interpretation equipment is more common in many large conferences, its main role is to spread the speaker's speech simultaneously on stage to the participants ears, and this synchronous transmission is not a simple transfer, The language needs to be translated into a language that participants can recognize. The most important part of a simultaneous interpretation device is the control device, what do you know about the controller device? Since its name is related to it, we can guess its importance in the whole device Sex is definitely obvious. Let's take a look at its related knowledge. two way tour guide system.png Throughout the conference, the heart of simultaneous interpretation equipment was still attributed to the Sino-British control device, which is more like a computer's CPU. In this control unit, there is a component that is somewhat similar to our human nervous system, which can control up to 1000 feeding devices. Among these feeding devices are interfaces that represent the device, the device, the interpreter desk and some of its dual representatives. This place is mainly about the internal equipment of simultaneous interpretation equipment. orange introduction.jpg According to simultaneous interpretation equipment, professional and technical personnel, control equipment will also have some control of the equipment, for example, it can control the audio extender, you can also control some of the interface, but also the transmitter for some control. In the equipment, the optical fiber that the photoelectric transmission is often used in the communication technology is also used. Simultaneous interpretation equipment control equipment not only the role described above, it can also provide the most basic microphone operating mode equipment, of course, the most critical control equipment or simultaneous interpretation function. In many large systems still can not lack the human operation orange 06.jpg Finally, the choice, but also check the quality of the rental company, if the company's quality is not good, it will seriously affect the equipment rental work, when choosing a rental company must check their reputation, if poor reputation, then the choice of company When there is a big risk, so to choose some good reputation, excellent after-sales service company, because such companies will provide you with a very excellent equipment installation services, which effectively ensure the development of equipment and conferences. If you are looking for the tour guide system price, Rich Technology must be your best choice. We're known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers, offering you the customized service at low price. Welcome to buy or wholesale the quality guide system at

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