• Mini Pocket Portable Mini Pocket DLP Projector For Small Me

Mini Pocket Portable Mini Pocket DLP Projector For Small Me

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Features Specifications:Mini Pocket Portable Mini Pocket DLP Projector For Small Me

Are you still worried about connecting the projector to the computer? Traditional projector features a single, supporting a large projection equipment, but also the lack of intelligent interaction. This time I will continue to discuss the shortcomings that traditional projection has brought to our work and life, and introduce a new projection method. Traditional projector function is too single, no screen computer features rich and colorful Traditional projection, no screen computer suppliers, the main function is to focus on the projection screen size, brightness Weak, picture sharpness, no screen computer manufacturers, almost all of the technological innovations, are around the projector to bring the visual and conversion effects. This has led to the narrow range of traditional projectors, and because it is difficult to be compatible with other functions, it can easily become cumbersome and decorative. Such as the meeting involved in the exchange, recording, interactive presentations and other operations, the traditional projector is basically powerless, no room for development. DLP projector12.jpg Micro-vote screenless computer to break the conventional appearance, in the original projection function, adding computer elements, audio elements, so with the projector now available online. Coupled with a variety of ancillary features, a remote control, to control the wireless screen, voice recorder, laser pointer, a key light machine, air mice and many other features. In the conference and training exchange and interaction, you can share the information on the phone with the screen to the big screen; where the remote control refers, the audience below will see where it is not easy to walk; , The screen is off, the system is not turned off, carefully listen to finish, a key and then switch back to the original screen; do not worry about the meeting lost, recording pen to help record. Micro-vote H2, projection black technology DLP projector47.jpg Micro-cast H2 was born, to achieve a breakthrough screenless computer, computer + projection combo brings a more advanced experience, no screen computer, automatic focus technology, Intel processor speed, Windows system Smoother, more entertainment and office pleasure. Micro-cast H2 colorful application features Is the remote control, but also the mouse Remote control with squirrel function, you can use the mouse, waving the remote control, the cursor moves on the screen, cool fresh experience. Browse the web, watch movies, watch TV, listen to music, demo PPT, remote control can be easily done, moving fingers give you a fresh experience, more fun life. A key light machine, easy energy saving DLP projector21.jpg When listening to a key off light machine, enjoy pure music; A key to close the light machine during the meeting, you are the focus; Close a key machine when office, quickly protect privacy; At the same time reduce energy consumption by more than 50%. Key functions, at a glance

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