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Pharmaceutical Grade Estriol Hormone CAS 50-27-1 for Female

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Features Specifications:Pharmaceutical Grade Estriol Hormone CAS 50-27-1 for Female

Estriol can be used for treating cervicitis and especially suitable for treating menopausal syndromesenile vaginitis . Estriol can also be used as the adjuvant drug for middle-term labor induction and artificial abortion . Estriol can also be used for treating prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer . Estriol still has a rapid role in increasing the peripheral leukocytes. It generally takes effect at 1 to 3 days afterthe treatment but with a short duration period . It also has efficacy in treating leukopenia caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy Estriol can be used for reducing the vascular permeability and fragility and can be used for the treatment of various kinds of hemorrhage . It also has quick hemostasis effect on menorrhagia , hysterectomy or tonsillectomy .

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Jinan Jia Ge Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

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