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Wuhan Boye Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd.



Optics Valley Technology Port,No.18th, North HuaShiYuan Road, Donghu New Tech Development Zone,Wuha

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Wuhan Boye Science And Technology Development Co., Ltd. a professional for the global pharmaceutical enterprises to provide the highest quality raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, medicinal excipients and other products of service-oriented enterprises. The company has established a sound quality control management system of raw materials, is the first batch of Hubei province through GSP certification enterprises. It has a high standard of raw materials and intermediates analysis and testing laboratory and domestic first-class operations management, quality control, business services team. The company and the national major pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers established a solid cooperative relationship, operating varieties covering anti-infection, anti-tumor, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive system and other major categories of raw materials, intermediates about 400 varieties (specifications), to ensure the basic customer production and operation needs.

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