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room N2556, building 24, no.2 xincheng road, mud town, pudong new area, Shanghai.

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Dumams instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for developing, producing and selling laboratory test equipment and teaching instruments. The main products are: molecular distillation, thin film evaporator, glass reactor series (single / double / three layer glass reaction kettle), rotating evaporator, rectifying kettle, glass separator, glass filter Kettle, large chromatography column, vacuum filter, high and low temperature integrated machine, high temperature heating trough, cryogenic cooling circulating pump, SHZ circulating water pump, rotary oil pump and other various types of laboratory testing equipment and teaching equipment. Our company has excellent equipment and strong technical strength, advanced production management system and perfect after-sales service system, and we should pay attention to absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, and actively developing new models and new products.