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Dust Collector

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Dust Collector Product Description Dust Collector to dry type dust collecting device to capture fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. Its filtering material is woven filtration cloth or non-woven needle felt fabric. Bag pulse jet dust collector is a kind of improved new type high efficient pulse jet bag dust collector, which has large capacity, stable performance, easy installation, long lifetime and small maintenance workload, etc. Besides, this type dust collector has been reformed from structure and pulse valves to solve such problems as outdoor setting and low pressure of compressor air. Our power pulse Dust Collector are self contained, weatherproof, and fully automated. if you need, we can supply and install ducting, access platforms, ventilation, instrumentation, walk-in plenums, and easy maintenance access for small or large projects. Dust Collector Working Principle 1) By the attraction of induced draft fan, the dusty air is absorbed into ash bucket, through the affection of air deflector, the gas is distributed evenly onto each filter bag, then the coarse particles are intercepted in the outer surface of filter bag, but clean air will pass through and be discharged into the air. 2)The dust on the surface of filter bag will reduce permeability that leads to resistance increase of dust collector,so when it reach to set value (resistance or time),the pulse valve will be opened a short time(about 0.1 s) under controlled by PLC, the high pressure gas instantly from air bag into injection pipe, and blowing out through injection holes in high speed. 3)When this high speed gas blows into filter bag, secondary airflow will generate, under their combined affection, filter bag inner pressure rapidly rise to make filter bag become convex,and when this deformation reach up to maximum value,it produce reverse acceleration, which helps to peel off dust from surface of filter bag. Tel:+86-0532-87869151 E-mailsales@icwmachine.com Website:http://www.icwmachine.net/ http://www.icwmachine.com/

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