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High-Frequency Clamp Carrier

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Features Specifications:High-Frequency Clamp Carrier

Wide application: Can be applied in finger joint board joining, door edge banding, "L" type door pocket line, door panel, particle board and ML7F panel joining etc. Characteristics of HF edge gluer: 1.HF power only heat glue line. 1-3 mins can finish one board. Fast speed, high efficiency and energy saving. 2.High outturn percentage of board production. Machine can keep board flat, save wood material. 3.PLC? auto? control, fault showing? and? alarm.? Wood? material? auto feeding is easy and convenient to operate. 4.A11 kinds of protection can keep operator and machine safety, such as over temperature, overload, spark, air pressure protection, door switch and photoelectric protection device. 5.Machine has been passed the inspection of authority and accord with national standard of radiation. Safe for the operators. Water based glue will be ok. 6.Comparing with hot oil? plate press,? HF power can kill worm and bacteria, meanwhile doesn't need boiler,No pollution . 7.Machine? was? recommend? by? China? National? Forestry? Machinery Association (CNFMA). Tel:+86-0532-87869151 Website:

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